About Us

The Kids Company philosophy and vision was founded when I opened my first school in 2000 in a lovely “renovated for school-house” in the wonderful suburb of Hurleyvale, Johannesburg.  Immediately my belief in the unique combination of the Montessori and traditional philosophies grew from strength to strength as I witnessed children blossom and thrive in this special environment.  I loved every second of this part of my amazing teaching journey! After much reflection, however, I decided to say farewell to Johannesburg in 2006 relocating my Kids Company vision to magnificent Cape Town. With great excitement and nerves the doors to a new school opened in January 2007 in a purpose built facility inside Somerset Links in Somerset West. The school started with 2 children, growing quickly, with many precious little faces filling our four classes over the years. During 2012 another Kids Company door opened when we decided to take our unique methodology to Stellenbosch opening a school in Techno Park, where it blissfully overlooks the vineyards.  My passion has seen my role change over the years from teacher to Principal and now schools Director. I have been incredibly blessed during this adventure to be joined by many inspiring fellow teachers who share my vision and belief for each child who enters into our environment……and so the path continues forward where I am more grateful every day for the rich experiences along the way and for each child who has uniquely impacted on my heart since I started teaching in 1996. I warmly invite you to explore our site, visit our schools and meet an unbelievable team.

 Our Vision

“Investing the time to hear each heart’s unsaid whisper is how we live it…”

  Our Mission

 At Kids Company we are committed to the individual growth and development of every child in our care.  We strive to meet the needs of each child and strongly believe in a holistic approach to education. We feel that each child has the right to be cared for, experience love and security, feel important and capable, make mistakes and learn from all experiences.  We endeavour to provide the opportunity for self-discovery, learning and personal growth, within a well-planned curriculum and environment. We aim to ultimately equip each child to the best of his/her ability for school and more importantly – life. We are committed to assisting children and parents to the best of our ability, as they commence with the most important, precious and memorable journey they will possibly ever undertake. Our goal is to encourage all children to acquire a love of learning, to reach beyond all that they know and dream, and ultimately realise their full potential while reaching for the stars………

 Inspired Team 

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Our loving, dedicated and qualified staff will strive to assist your child’s emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development through child-centered and teacher-centered activities, in a nurturing, caring, safe and fun environment.

♥ Fulfilling Environment

Our school design focuses on spaciousness, safety and cleanliness and this allows the children to work and play within a clean and fulfilling environment. Our playground is designed to further assist exploration and each child’s gross-motor development during play.