Our Philosophy

♥ Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori believed that the most important period for growth occurred during the first six years of a child’s life. During this period the child progresses from an unconscious level of learning to a conscious level of learning. This development is seen as a result of the child’s unique mental powers to “absorb” and learn from his/her environment. Taking this, as well as the child’s innate need to develop his own capabilities, Montessori designed a program whereby a carefully prepared learning environment allows the Directress (teacher) to guide the individual to greater development and growth and ultimately realise their full potential so that they may make the best possible choices in their future. 

 Child and Teacher Centred

Our environment remains true to this ideal and the children are encouraged to build on this innate love of learning at all times. The Montessori Directress follows a “child-centred” method of education working with individual children, introducing them to new materials and concepts that interest them and uses this interest as a means to guide them during their explorations. The Montessori philosophy “the hand is the instrument of the mind,” guides the Directress when working individually. The Traditional teacher on the other hand practices a “teacher-centered” methodology where the she determines what the group is learning that day and the direction their learning will be taking according to skills they will need to cope in the future.At Kids Company we follow child and teacher centred methods, varying according to the child’s needs, age and school readiness requirements. A well-prepared, loving Directress is instrumental in balancing our unique program and is therefore expected to maintain current and accurate records, have well planned work and theme preparation which is closely monitored by the Principal. Through close observation of the children the Directress prepares the environment to fully facilitate the individual child’s growth planning for individual and group activities. We are a dual-medium school and all teachers and assistants are fully bilingual and are able to work to the specific needs of each child in group and individual activities. 

♥ Freedom Within Boundaries 

The concept of “freedom” is often misunderstood in Montessori. It is very much a case of “liberty and not licence” or “freedom within boundaries.” Children are “free” to move around the class and indicate what their interests are but are not free to interrupt other children at work or do no work at all. This philosophy works well within the classroom and creates an environment of respect for all as children are part of the “rule-making” procedure and problem solving process.

 Morning Movement Program

Our program also includes a daily morning movement program, before our morning ring and a weekly Physical Education program which develops motor-skills and movement concepts within group and individual activities. Developing a child’s gross motor function is a vital area as it forms one of the essential structures for all other learning.