• Enrolments are now open for 2024.

  • Welcome to Kids Company

    Integrated Montessori and Traditional Pre-school
    • Age Groups

      18mth – 3 yrs
      4 – 5 yrs
      5 – 6 yrs (Grade R)

    • School Times

      Half Day: 8am – 1pm
      3/4 Day: 8am – 3pm
      Full Day: 8am – 5.00pm

      School Opens: 7:15am
      School Closes: 5.00pm

    • School Terms 2023

      Term 1: 12 Jan – 31 March
      Term 2: 11 April – 23 June
      Term 3: 17 July – 29 Sep
      Term 4: 9 Oct – 15 Dec

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      & Holiday Club dates

    • Meals

      We provide a hot
      cooked lunch and
      afternoon snack.

      *Breakfast is not included

  • "Best of both Worlds"

    • Our Integrated Approach

      At Kids Company we believe in the best of both worlds which is why we have chosen to integrate the two methodologies. In the child’s day they have a portion of their day assigned to a Montessori work cycle and another portion of their day assigned to group work prepared and delivered by the class teacher. Our classes are of mixed ages except in our Traditional Grade R class. This unique integration is what ensures that the children in our care are fully prepared for the demands of future schooling.

      Montessori Methodology

      At Kids Company our qualified Montessori Directresses provide a child centered programme allowing the children in their care freedom of movement and choice within healthy boundaries.

      Traditional Curriculum

      The Traditional curriculum is predominantly teacher led. Children are encouraged to do the same work at the same time and the timing thereof is decided on by the teacher.

    Our Mission is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.

    At Kids Company we are committed to the individual growth and development of every child in our care.

    We strive to meet the needs of each child and strongly believe in a holistic approach to education.

    We feel that each child has the right to be cared for, experience love and security, feel important and capable, make mistakes and learn from all experiences. We endeavour to provide the opportunity for
    self-discovery, learning and personal growth, within a well-planned curriculum and environment.

    We aim to ultimately equip each child to the best of his/her ability for school and more importantly – life.

    We are committed to assisting children and parents to the best of our ability, as they commence with the most
    important, precious and memorable journey they will possibly ever undertake.

    • Teaching with heart

      Our goal is to encourage all children to acquire a love of learning, to reach beyond all that they know and dream and ultimately realise their full potential while reaching for the stars………

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  • Our School

    We are conveniently and safely located within Somerset Links in Somerset West
    • Somerset Links
      1 Jigger Ave, Somerset West
      • 18m - 3yrs
      • Ladybird Class
      • 3 - 4yrs
      • Goldfish
      • 4 - 5yrs
      • Butterfly Class
      • 5 - 6yrs
      • Grade R Class
  • We have been educating children for over 22 years. Our goal is to create a loving environment that engages each child, individually!

    • Stimulating Learning Enviroment
    • Nutritious Meals
    • Qualified, Loving and Nurturing Staff
    • Safe and Secure
  • Get the best of both worlds!

  • Meet Our Staff

    qualified and experienced in early childhood care
    • This school is filled with the most loving, committed team that have been the most phenomenal educators and support to my little girl and family! The premises is a fantastic fresh, cosy environment that is quick and easy to pop in to and a real home to the kids. I’d recommend it without thinking twice!

      Caitlin Nash
    • My daughter has learned so much in the 6 months she’s been at this school. Every morning she is excited to go to school and every afternoon she tells me how much fun she had. The best teachers!

      Michelle Hellemans
    • I would highly recommend this school.
      For starters I have known Tania Muller my entire life… Best person to look after your children ever….

      Yeolandre De Beer
    • Christopher has been with Kids Company for three years now. We love our school so much!! You have helped our little boy grow into a wonderful and kind young man. His baby brother will be joining soon, we can’t wait to continue our journey with Kids Company xx With love the McLeans

      Leana McLean
    • I have been with the school for over 10 years having had my daughter go here, and my son is here now. I love this school!

      Charlotte Venter
    • My daughter started at Kids Company this year and on the first day when we picked her up she was already asking when she could go again. The staff at Technopark is absolutely amazing and my daughter enjoys it so much. Thank you Teacher Tanya, Michelle & Zirelda.

      Marisa Hendricks
  • Contact Us

    Please contact the School’s Director, Justine with application queries.
    • School's Director:

      Justine Renaut
      Tel: 082 566 7131

      Please contact the School’s Director, Justine with application queries.

    • School Hours:

      Monday – Friday
      7.15 am – 5:00 pm
      Weekend Closed

      Half day: 8 am – 1 pm
      3/4 day: 8 am – 3 pm
      Full Day: 8 am – 5:00 pm

      school opens 7:15

    • Somerset Links:

      1 Jigger Ave, Somerset Links,
      Somerset West, Western Cape

      Tel: 021 851 0686

      Principal: Justine Renaut